Catchment Information System

Welcome to CatchIS

Welcome to CatchIS

CatchIS - Catchment Information System

Cranfield UniversityAn environment management information system for the water industry

CatchIS (Catchment Information System) is a software decision support system developed by Cranfield University for the management of water quality at the catchment scale. It consists of a number of tools which in turn utilise various mathematical models and data sets. CatchIS is embedded in a GIS framework (ESRI ArcGIS) to facilitate spatial modelling, the manipulation and analysis of associated input and output data and the visualisation of spatially-referenced outputs generated by the pesticide risk assessment and other models that it contains.

CatchIS capabilities

What CatchIS can offer

CatchIS contains a suite of models to examine the fate and behaviour of diffuse agricultural compounds such as pesticides. Other modules introduce the potential impact of modelled climate change perturbations on the modelled output, allowing water companies to look to possible changes in the decades to come.

Completing the suite of tools, CatchIS offers a further module aimed at supporting the operational management of underground assets such as water pipes with a tool entitled 'LEACS'. This predicts local variation in the likely chemical and physical ground conditions as they affect a range of pipe and joint construction materials. LEACS can be used by water companies as a key part of AMPS planning.

CatchIS technologies are used widely by the water utilities, key stakeholder groups and the Environment Agency. Cranfield are currently speaking to other parties to raise interest. LEACS itself has a broad user-base across the UK water utility sector with all the major water utilities using its assessments.

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