Catchment Information System

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CatchIS Options

CatchIS is offered in two basic configurations; firstly as a software application and tool (providing the greatest flexibility), and secondly as a bureau service operated for you by Cranfield (offering the greatest ease of adoption).

To supplement these options Cranfield also offers an excellent MSc in Geographical Information Management which can be taken part-time, focussing upon environmental applications for GIS. Further details can be found in the news section. Please contact us to discuss the options below in more detail.

Option A

Provision of CatchIS Software toolkit

CatchIS is a catchment decision-support software tool, in the form of a toolbar within ESRI Inc.'s GIS product 'ArcMap'. This option is offered inclusive of maintenance and service during the contract period, plus initial training and support. CatchIS operates on a PC running MS Windows and ESRI ArcGIS (ArcView). For further details of the software tool follow the Tour.

Option B

Provision of CatchIS Bureau Reporting Service

CatchIS can also be offered as a 'Bureau Service' operated for you by Cranfield. This service comprises of a series of reports presented in PDF format, consisting of the following:

  • A summary report consisting of a broad description of the models and data used, any assumptions made and guidelines on interpreting the results; Highlight of key findings; and a Glossary of terms.
  • Surface water reports for each catchment or water treatment works consisting of seasonal top pesticides, predicted time series and thresholds for the top two pesticides and a hotspots map of the top two pesticides.
  • Ground water reports for each source protection zone 3 consisting of seasonal top pesticides and a hotspots map of the top two pesticides.